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108 W 5TH St, P.O. Box 214, West Lafayette 43845

Video Based Written Procedures

Invest your time and efforts on running your business. Leave the Procedure Development ,Training Programs, and Commercial Videography / Photography to us. Written documented procedures can be a life saver for business.  If someone leaves your organization unexpectedly  or is out ill do you have their core duties recorded and well explained so that someone else can continue the process? We use video and or screen recordings then reduce them to writing along with instructional video’s to limit down time and training.

Video Based Training Programs

Utilizing video recordings and screen capturing we create training programs that speed up the learning curve as well as test for retention. This can include process training and new employee orientation. The possibilities are endless.

Commercial Videography / Photography

Whether it is a simple process video tape, a social media video post/ advertising spot, or detailed training we are here to help. Still photography is also available.



Contact Information
Phone: 740-502-0469