Choose Coshocton: More Than a Hash Tag

It is always exciting when you see a whole community get behind something big. The Coshocton community did just that. Just over a year ago, there was a national contest to select a city or town that could use a makeover from the popular television show “Home Town”. Almost immediately several organizations jumped in to make sure Coshocton had a video to submit. (See the video here).

We set a loud tone on our social media pages all over our county to make sure people knew about the idea. Did Coshocton get selected for the makeover? No, but we came out of this was a vision that was cast to make sure people from all over our great State of Ohio and beyond knew about Coshocton, Ohio. Check out some of these short videos about why people choose to live in Coshocton, Ohio. (

From a Chamber standpoint, we hear from people daily that have either visited Historic Roscoe Village as a child or came through once or twice. By using the hashtag #choosecoshocton on all the positive things happening in our county, we have new residents moving here.

The Chamber is in a unique spot because we get thousands of calls each year. We not only sell our member’s businesses as a great place to shop, eat or work, but we sell our whole community as a great place to live, work and raise a family. We have seen the power of a community changed by using a simple hash tag. This niche in our marketing has brought a new level of pride in many areas. So, if you are a business in our community, please think about including the hash tag #choosecoshocton in your marketing plans. You never know where that next client will come from.

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